Jason Page

Jason Page in Back in Time Live 2002;

Jason Page (born April 11) is a British composer and sound designer who worked for Graftgold.

Music Composition


Jason said this about the Super Off Road music:

"For offroad, we received the arcade machine and the original score as sheet music. It was then a 2 stage process for me to convert it. Firstly, using soundtracker, i recreated the tracks and found suitable instrument samples. From here, I then copied all of the note info over by hand to hex data, used by our Graftgold music player and repatched in the instrument samples. It was after this that I wrote a new player / editor, which I used for the remaining titles I worked on for the 16 bit era."

His instrument samples were taken mainly from the Korg M1 and the samples provided with SoundTracker. He also used some instruments from other Korg keyboards.


Jason programmed his own sound driver because it used the same format as his Atari ST/Amiga player. He later gave his sound driver to Beam Software.


Jason utilized a sound driver by Steve Turner. The sound engine was a conversion of Steve's Amstrad CPC sound driver.


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