Rise of the Robots novel

The Rise of the Robots (also known as Rise of the Robots: The Novel) is a novel based on the original Rise of the Robots game, written by Jim Murdoch, was released on 2nd February 1995 to coincide with the release of the Rise of the Robots. It is a world's first full-on computer game novelisation at 85K words, published by Penguin Books SF imprint RoC. It was based on the Rise of the Robots characters created by Sean Griffiths and Kwan Lee, and a novel to tie in with the video game "Rise of the Robots", launched by Time Warner in November 1994.


It is set in the world as the game and loosely reflects its "plot". On the planet of Ti Creda, in the city of Metropolis 4, the robots, led by their female supervisor, are in revolt.

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